Use the lens to light the way to hands on learning…

My gift is to help identify talent and the interest of the youth while leading them in the video sessions.  My greatest joy is when a young person is an environment to discover their gifts and possibly their purpose.  I believe we our expectations for our young people  can impact their learning environment.  When starting a group I never know who will become the next great leader, business innovator, scientist, teachers etc,.  so everyone is thought of as the next great one.  I try to not under estimate or prejudge a child abilities. History has proven the least likely is the most likely to succeed beyond our wildest expectations.

Undaunted by a 20 plus career in youth development and education I am still inspired.  

 “I was working with a group of elementary students showing them how to use the camera and story telling.   This session was different as one young man  in particular  was directing a photo shoot he began telling the student to get in position.  Intuitively he knew to position the other students in the shot behind them to make the shot look more complete.  I am enthralled to see his gift of leadership and directing ignite. “




Stafford Armstead entrepreneur, director/producer, motivational speaker and youth workforce evangelist is using the Your Life Your Destiny media platform to capture the minds of youth from ages 6-18.  Through a  series of community partnership.




CHANGE The real constant in life

We all inevitably will experience change in our lifetime how do we adapt.  The change starts early the baby who has to get used  to a new care giver while Mom or Dad go off to work or the high school student leaving the boring but safe confines of the day to day routine of school to the unknowns of university life with total strangers.  The greatest challenge with change is the unknown.

I  remember a few months ago every time I would open the door of my garage particularly at dusk.  There was this an emotional charge of dread and deep concern  that would come over me about what was on the other side of that door when I open it. After some introspection I realized that it was the fear of the unknown revealing itself in seemingly stealth disguise.  As time went on the more I examined  my life it was apparent to me this was about the un open doors and  that I couldn’t figure out how I would get from point A to point B. I couldn’t figure out the the change that was on the other side of where I was . Looking back things have changed significantly for the better and I have learned that I can navigate the next set of changes as I may feel the same emotion but I can now believe that I will land in a better place and so will you.

Hello world!

Have you or some you know ever had a moment where you wish you had known some information or insight that could have saved you time and even heart ache.  Then you have experienced the passion behind the Your Life Your Destiny project  to empower youth to pursue their dreams by being that voice that you wish you would have had at critical times in your youth.